Graduation and the Class of 2015

At the graduation on June 7th, the Alumni Association gained 128 new members. As usual, the ceremony took place under a tent in front of the school. The three student speakers were Samantha Mangino, Meredith Coolidge, and Philip Chowdry.

The class asked veteran English teacher Nancy Shaw, who had retired in 2014, to return to give the main address. She had taught at least half of the students in her 9th grade English classes or her Creative Writing elective course. Organizing her remarks around Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken", which her students had memorized in her classes, Mrs. Shaw pointed out that either road could lead to a happy and productive life.

Thirteen alumni/ae have children in the Class of 2015, listed below:

Eric Anthony, son of Maryann Wheaton Anthony '86
Brandon Felker, son of Clint Felker '88
Tyler Hall, son of Reginald Hall '80
Connor Hoehle, son of Doug Hoehle '83
Matt Ingalls, son of Kathy Gregor Ingalls '86
Laura Kressbach, daughter of Lee Kressback '81
Adam LaBrie, son of Andrew LaBrie '84
Connor Lainey, son of Jennifer Woodman Lainey '83
Bridget Parker, daughter of Walter "Chuck" Parker '76
Taylor Soule, daughter of Jay Soule '84
Ben Vigue, son of John Vigue '81
Maddy Whittemore, daughter of Lori Hamilton Whittemore '85
Caleb Moore, son of Liz Seabury '91, and grandson
of Janice Chaisson Seabury '65

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